This site is the result of over 50 years of sketching and drawing  experience, and over  30 years of teaching High School students the fundamentals. Globally, education focuses on the written word, from a students earliest days they are given approaches to make this second nature. By comparison many youngsters experience a much less supportive approach to sketching and drawing. This site is not the only approach, I hope to be able to help teachers and students to gradually build skills and confidence in both 2D and 3D sketching.



The nature of the activity lends itself to visual demonstrations, I have built a series of you tube  films to support this, they can be viewed with or without sound and at your own speed.

Use the menus above to go to your area of interest, or follow the resources on a step by step basis. The Three grips shown below underpin everything on this site.


The SKETCHING, a loose grip half way up the pencil aids the light flow of faint lines on a page, used to construct shapes.

The OUTLINING grip holds the pencil towards the tip allowing more pressure to be applied accurately.

The RENDERING grip takes a bit of getting used to, using the "side of the tip of the pencil" with variable pressure applied through the index finger.


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